Pacific Settelement Support Services.

Pacific Settlement Support Services – In Brief.

The Pacific Settlement Support Services is a social service initiative provided at The Pacific Business Hub by collaborative work between Zeprina Fale & Mandy Siitia of Bluespur Consulting Ltd and Laura Keil-Hall of LKH Consulting.

Zeprina, Mandy & Laura are three (3) highly qualified women who have over 45 years of collective corporate and government experiences, community work, and recently as business owners.

All have been directly impacted by their respective migration journeys as Pacific women, which is one of the main motivations for collaborating to provide this service.

PSSS looks to provide a wrap around service of up to 3 years for Pacific newcomers or migrants to New Zealand who have either come through the Samoa ‘quota system’ or ‘PAC – Pacific Access Category’.

The Vision:

Vibrant & successful new comer communities from the Pacific that are positively contributing to the well being of New Zealand.

The Pacific Settlement Support’s “vision” describes where newcomer communities from the Pacific will be in the next 5 years.

The Mission:

​Providing targeted settlement support that are culturally and spiritually sensitive for Pacific newcomer communities.

The Pacific Settlement Support’s “mission” statement sets out the nature and purpose of the Support’s services and programmes.


Our value system is based on our Christian faith and Pacific culture.
● We value excellence – our services should be credible and relevant for each migrant family
● We value respect – We treat each other with respect
● We value integrity – We do what we say will do
● We value collaboration and community partnerships – We work together and collectively with others

The Pacific Settlement Support’s “values” describe the principles guiding the Support’s operations and conduct