Auckland is host to the largest Polynesian population in the world. And with it, is the rich and diverse Pacific culture of Pacific peoples which in 10 years will make up 18% of its population. A feasibility study commissioned by MPP in a 2016 report presents the findings of a study to determine the viability of establishing a Pacific cultural experience and entertainment centre in Auckland. It concluded that a Pacific cultural experience provided at a leased facility (as opposed to building a facility) is economically sound and financially lucrative given NZ’s growing international tourism. In addition, there are currently very few tourism attractions in Auckland, and none that features Pacific culture. This is the opportunity that the company intends to develop and grow.

Poly X Ltd was registered as a limited liability company on the 21st October 2019, and it was launched at the Sky City on 24th November in the same year.

  • Organisational vision: To be an iconic cultural experience that celebrates & showcases Polynesia to the world.
  • Organisational mission: To provide a unique and authentic Polynesian cultural experience in NZ through cultural performances, cuisine, and experiential tours.


The PolyX product offering is as follows:

Quality Polynesian cultural experience through the display of dance by over six(6) Pacific cultural groups in NZ.

Experience the taste of traditional Pacific food with a contemporary twist

Cultural Experiential tour – The showcase of our culture and traditions such as Ava ceremony to welcome guests, traditional tattooing, weaving and food preparation .

Polynesian Night Market Experience & Exhibition

The closure of international borders due to covid, prompted the company to pivot its Cultural Experiential Tours to a night market format for locals. Staying on brand, by adding entertainment and exhibitions to a night market format which are primarily for Pacific vendors. Nothing like it exists in Auckland, or NZ! The regularity and multiple locations on offer for vendors signals an economic opportunity for Pacific businesses and showcases the beauty of the Pacific cultures for all to enjoy. With international borders closed, the markets are aptly themed – “We are bringing the Islands to you” as a call out to the domestic market to get a taste of Polynesia right here in Auckland!.

Social Outcomes

Economic Development:

Commercial and business partnerships with catering companies, tour operators and brokers, facilities and associated suppliers will benefit financially and increase employment opportunities through consistent supply of services provided throughout the Poly X calendar of events. It will also provide a steady source of income for community-based organisations through the sale of arts & crafts and one on one dance lessons. Poly X is placed as a natural catchment for youth who participate in Polyfest for employment purposes as well as providing a pathway further training and development opportunities.

Cultural Preservation:

The product offerings will help preserve and promote awareness about the diverse Polynesian cultures and traditions.
Social Development: Bringing cultural groups together promotes social cohesion and collaboration. This allows for pathways for people to work collaboratively on projects or ideas that could stem out of Poly X.

Charitable Support:

Supporting Pacific charitable organisations such as the Pacific Settlement Support will be a priority as part of Poly X’s corporate social responsibility.

The outcomes overlap one another yet are highly dependent on the financial viability of Poly X to acquire adequate capital investment to support its early phase of operations which is critical to its long-term sustainability.